Advertise on KLSN 92.9 FM

7 Reasons to partner with KLSN:

  1. The power of radio!
    According to Nielsen Reports: …radio leads all other platforms when it comes to weekly reach (93%) among adult consumers.” That's more than television, cable, computers, internet, tablets and smartphones. The reason for radio’s dominance is parked in your driveway. What’s the first thing most people do after starting their car?
  2. KLSN covers East County!
    East Contra Costa County residents are hungry for media that delivers new and information, sports and entertainment that is about their hometown. KLSN delivers!
  3. Listeners don't like commercials!
    No problem! KLSN doesn't run commercials! Underwriting acknowledgements are short and sweet, and can be more effective than a sales advertisement that listeners tend to tune out (After all, do you like listening to commercials?). Commercial stations spend 20% to 30% of their airtime on commercials. It bears repeating, Listeners don't like commercials.
  4. Underwriting is less expensive and tax-deductible!
    Commercial stations are costly because their signal covers the entire Bay Area. KLSN is far less expensive because we cover only the East County. And since KLSN is nonprofit, your underwriting is a tax-deductible donation. Finally, radio can be an affordable marketing tool.
  5. The "Halo" effect!
    Listeners take notice of your underwriting announcements and report their purchasing decisions are influenced by your support of community shows, local sports and student produced programs.
  6. Not too big, not too small! Just right!
    KLSN is heard by the people you want to reach in your area, not the Peninsula, San Jose, Sacramento or Novato. If your business is located on the above map, KLSN 92.9 FM is a perfect fit for you. (Want a larger map?)
  7. Underwriting supports our educational mission!
    KLSN is an educational nonprofit organization. Your support makes possible programs like student radio, technical training, apprenticeships and internships for high school and college students working toward degrees in journalism, recording arts, sports reporting, mass communication, etc.

Ready for Radio?

It‘s time for your business to use the marketing power of radio and get noticed! Our staff will be happy to answer questions and work with you to wordsmith a great on-air acknowledgement that informs about your business. Call us at 925 625-5576 or send an e-Mail here.

Advertising vs. Underwriting (What’s the difference?)

What's the diff?

You won't hear promotional advertising on KLSN but we do thank our underwriters with a brief description of their business and contact information.

This difference can be a powerful motivation for listeners making a buying decision. The reason is simple!

  • Advertising is promotional and says, Buy this from me!
  • Underwriting is informational and says, This is what I support!

That’s the power of underwriting!

Samples of Underwriting

Underwriting language can be a powerful tool for marketing your business. Here are three samples of the type of on-air acknowledgements you will hear on KLSN:


“You're tuned to 92.9 FM, KLSN. Community radio serving the East County. We get support from Lauritzen Yacht Harbor. Lauritzen Yacht Harbor is located at 115 Lauritzen Lane near the Highway 160 Antioch Bridge in Oakley, and provides dry storage, launching ramps, covered births, overnight tie-ups and a full range of services to the boating community. Learn more by visiting or call (925) 757-1916.”

Program Specific

“You're listening to On the Delta on KLSN 92.9 FM, the voice of the delta in the East County. Production costs for On the Delta were provided by the Delta Chamber of Commerce. Additional support for On the Delta was made possible by Delta Vacation Cruises. Delta Vacation Cruses creates vacation packages for people who want to enjoy fishing and boating recreation on the river without the hassle of planning. Delta Vacation Cruises has designed river tours that fit every skill level for over 20 years. Visit them on the web at or call (925) 625-5555.”

Sports Broadcasting

“Welcome to today’s live broadcast of the Freedom Falcons verses the Liberty Lions football game on 92.9 FM KLSN, your community radio source for East County sports. I’m Tom Dempsey, your announcer at the Freedom High School football stadium. Joining me in the booth  isTony Shultz. Broadcast underwriting for today‘s game was provided in part by Freschi Service Experts Air Conditioning & Heating. Freschi Service Experts has provided installation, service and repairs for commercial and residential air conditioning systems throughout Contra Costa County for over 20 years and is a proud sponsor of today’s broadcast on KLSN. Find Freschi Service Experts on-line at or call (925) 584-0141. Let’s introduce today’s players.”

Underwriting Supports the Nonprofit Community Radio Mission

By underwriting on KLSN 92.9 FM, you become a partner in the mission of community radio, to inform, educate and entertain independent from commercial or corporate influence. Your support funds training programs and apprenticeships for local high school and college students with a career track in journalism, recording arts, sports reporting and radio management and operations. Additionally, it pays for locally produced and recorded programming.

Ready for Radio?

It’s time for your business to use the marketing power of radio and get noticed! Our staff will be happy to answer questions and work with you to wordsmith a great on-air acknowledgement that informs about your business. Contact KLSN: (925) 625-5576 or send us an e-Mail here.