What's Happening at KLSN?

Where have we been, for cryin’ out loud!?

Hello East Contra Costa County.

It's been awhile since we updated our site. Sorry about that. We'll be more diligent to keep you up-to-date on what we are doing to bring community radio to the East County.

It’s a big job, no denying that. But that is why it’s called “community radio.” It means it's a community effort. KLSN will be a non-commercial station so it will be suported by the communities it serves.

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Local Community Radio Act

KLSN-LP is a Low Power FM Radio Station

As a result of the Radio Broadcasting Preservation Act of 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established Low Power FM (LPFM) as a new designated class of radio station. These stations are allowed to operate at up to 100 watts of power, compared to the minimum 100 watt requirement for commercial stations.

J&MC Quarterly Journal described LPFM as:

Radio Free Oakley

"... necessary to offset the growing consolidation of station ownership in the wake of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which removed caps on radio ownership, as well as the decline of locally produced radio programming."

After President Obama signed The Local Community Radio Act of 2010 into law on January 4, 2010, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said,

"Low power FM stations are small, but they make a giant contribution to local community programming. This important law eliminates the unnecessary restrictions that kept these local stations off the air in cities and towns across the country."

LPFM stations are considered to be affordable compared to an average FM station. And it can be crucial for small communities in times of emergencies. A low power FM radio station can stay on the air even if the power goes out. Did you know that Low Power FM saved lives during the Katrina hurricane disaster.

A LPFM station can strengthen community identity, create diversity on-air, and open up opportunities for interested students. It gives a voice to schools and organizations to promote many service-related projects that help better local neighborhoods.

Source: Wikipedia


Communities we serve

How far will KLSN's 100-watt signal go?
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Next KLSN Meeting

The meeting schedule of the KLSN Project Committee is undergoing some changes but will be posted here soon. Watch this space for meeting details or we can send you an invitation. Anyone interested in being a part of bringing community public radio to the East County are welcome to attend.
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Friends of Oakley

The Friends of Oakley is the sponsoring organization for the KLSN community public radio project.