Our site has moved

We have had to temporarily (we hope) give up the call letters KLSN while applying for a new frequency to broadcast on. For that reason, our active web site is now at gallatincommunityradio.org.

Public service announcements

An important function of any radio station is providing community information through Public Service Announcements (PSAs). Although we are not yet able to broadcast PSAs, we are making the Community section of our still evolving web site available for that purpose. Any organization wishing to place a PSA should contact KLSN (see our About page for ways to do this).

We're coming soon...

We at KLSN hope to be broadcasting on the air in the near future. We will also be streaming audio and podcasting from this web site. In the meantime, these pages are very much Under Construction. There's a wee bit of content to be found for each menu selection, just to give you an idea of what we're planning. Do disregard our mess, and please check back later to see us when we're up and running.